Smart clients require more than just insights and advice. They want activation. Business leaders know that without connecting the dots, cutting edge insights can devolve into expensive business entertainment.

At Denny + Leinberger Strategy, we focus on driving insights through implementation. We believe that insights provoke action – and actions drive results. So we often find ourselves working with clients on more complex ways of activating the insights to ensure the lessons stick over time.


Storytelling & Influence at Work: How Key Decision Triggers and Story Development Move Stakeholders to Yes

Storytelling at work is more complex than just spinning clever anecdotes. It’s about being able to effectively persuade an audience to your point of view. It requires a careful balance of telling a good story well with the psychological underpinnings of how we, as humans, communicate and make decisions under both social and time constraints.

Master the art and science of storytelling in the corporate setting and you stand a good chance of seeing your ideas get approved and funded. Miss the importance of the balance between these seemingly unrelated elements and you’ll likely spend a good deal of your time wondering why your proposals are so often rejected.

By combining the archetypal structures of storytelling with the social psychology of interpersonal influence – and then viewing them both against the very real constraints of the modern workplace, which is its own unique medium – we can understand exactly when specific psychological decision triggers will move us to “yes” in the progression of a story. If we can master these principles, we can use them in a systematic, proactive manner.

In this 1-day workshop, authors and consultants Stephen Denny and Dr. Paul Leinberger will lay out the foundation of how the social psychology of interpersonal influence intersects with archetypal story structure so that business people can communicate more effectively, more vividly and with greater impact – all with the clear goal of getting their audiences to “yes” that much faster.

Denny and Leinberger will draw upon the best thinking in the social psychology fields to present an interpersonal influence framework that has been rigorously battle-tested in the field, while also drawing in the most important elements of storytelling. Synthesizing these two seemingly disparate fields of science and art, attendees will come away with a set of “thinking tools” that they can apply immediately to high stakes projects that, if approved, could transform both businesses as well as careers.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to tap the right decision triggers in different phases of your story to get listeners to “yes” faster.
  • How to use these “decision triggers” on purpose, even if you’re naturally good at them and intuitively understand them.
  • How to weave the essential elements of story construction through your communications – your Power Point presentations, your discussions and your face to face pitches with key executives, peers and board members – so that you build momentum behind your ideas in vivid, evocative and repeatable processes.
  • How to avoid the most prevalent mistakes and “land mines” that executives make when pitching their ideas – and how to use “the journey” to their advantage.

This leadership development session is geared for any senior executive, from VP and director to the C-suite, who recognizes the importance of being more persuasive in pitching big ideas to key stakeholders.

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