Technology has emerged as the most profound cultural driver in the world today.

Technology impacts every facet of our lives, 24 hours a day. It’s changed how we communicate, collaborate, work and play. We’re surrounded by it. We don’t turn off.

Companies are scrambling to understand how to take advantage of this shift. They’re struggling to develop “digital strategies” and pondering whether they should embrace a more “virtual” workforce. They all know they have to do something. It’s more complex than just shifting traditional advertising dollars to online. Wants, needs and expectations have changed – and understanding these new rules is critical to everyone’s long-term success.

The Culture & Technology Intersection Study explores how this global market of connected individuals is redefining their personal and work lives. Distilled from the research that supported the 2011 book, Killing Giants: 10 Strategies to Topple the Goliath In Your Industry (Portfolio), the study is now in its third year, compiling the inputs from thousands of interviews across the globe.


One comprehensive study – 3 important focal points.

The Culture & Technology Intersection Study researches all 3 of these important trends together, allowing decision makers to cross-reference sentiment in one area with results in the other two – providing the ability to understand, for example, how respondents who prefer a virtual, decentralized work style think about what constitutes credible brand communication.

The future of the brand/consumer relationship:

  • The changing nature of brand loyalty
  • The new definitions of credibility & authenticity
  • The role of social media
  • The impact of disintermediation
  • The importance of “brand bravery” in an age of instant social media-enabled backlash

The future of the digital footprint:

  • Sharing versus privacy
  • Online versus real life
  • The upside & downside of the cloud & the IoT in a post-Snowden hackable world
  • The rules that guide what we choose to share and why

The future of work:

  • Collaboration in the virtual workplace
  • How to elicit the best thinking at work
  • Managing technological “social dislocation”
  • The role of “second” vs. “third” places
  • The keys to success for workers & managers in the new virtual workplace

The CTI 2018-2019 Study matters to a number of decision makers in your organization.


Those involved in communicating with customers, clients or partners need to understand how the consumer’s mindset has changed and what triggers are the most effective today – this applies to marketing management, channel marketing, corporate marketing, product marketing, product management, marketing research, public relations, investor relations, marketing research & customer insights, online marketing, etc.


Professionals wrestling with change initiatives involving centralization versus decentralization or charged with increasing employee engagement, collaboration, productivity, employee satisfaction, internal communications, facilities planning or the war for talent will find these insights can provide a game plan for the immediate future.


Executives responsible for collaboration technology purchasing decisions, how a global workforce feels about where and how they get their best work done – and where technology often fails to meet expectations – the insights in the survey inform how IT can approach both its technology road map and its stakeholder communication plan.

The C-suite

The survey tackles a host of critical questions and challenges facing the C-Suite. How do we increase collaboration and productivity? How do we avoid costly mistakes in our investments, our marketing, and our branding? How do we speak the language of our customers and partners? How do we effectively message privacy and data security in our communications and in our work processes? How do we retain our best people and attract the best from a global workforce?


1. Keynote presentation & activation workshop:

Leinberger and Denny will present the key findings of the survey in an hour-long keynote to your team and then deliver a 3-hour trend/activation workshop to ensure attendees see how best to connect the insights to the company’s key business challenges.


Using a series of proprietary exercises, the trend/activation workshop takes your top business priorities and views them through the unique lens of the survey, producing a wide variety of potential outputs, helping you and your extended team spot opportunities often hidden in plain sight.

2. Research Summary:

Clients will receive a summary report highlighting the key findings from the survey for internal distribution.

3. The data:

Clients also receive the full, complete data set, allowing for deeper study and customized analysis.


This thorough process – delivered in person by the principals of the consultancy – ensures our clients get not only the best thinking in leading edge business practices today, but also the practical hands-on heavy lifting that drills the findings into your own specific and unique challenges.

Customized Presentations:

While the Culture & Technology Intersection takes a broad view of different geographies and strives to give brands a global perspective, we understand that many clients may prefer a more focused approach, given their unique businesses and circumstances. We are happy to discuss a customized presentation and trend/activation workshop that helps target specific populations or geographies, such as:

  • Regional: Europe (2,000+ interviews), Americas (2,500+ interviews), Asia/Pacific (2,500+ interviews)
  • Consumer: millennials (2,500+ interviews), senior managers (1,000+ interviews), etc.


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